Monday, May 22, 2017

California: Parents of 10-year-old boy attacked by Pit Bull in Fontana set up fundraising page

CALIFORNIA -- Earlier, it was reported that a 10-year-old child had been "severely" bitten in the face by a pit bull. Other than that, there wasn't much more.

The family of the boy set up a fundraising page. They included a link to the news story which is how I knew to connect the stories.

Unfortunately, they don't tell us much more other than their son was attacked when he got home from school. Who's dog is it? Was it a friend's dog? Neighbor's dog? Where's the pit bull at now? Was it seized by Animal Control?

GoFundMe: Christopher's Donations
Created May 21, 2017
Martha Mariela Parson

My son Christopher was attacked by a pit bull after he arrived home from school. We are blessed that he is home resting. But he will have a long recovery physically and emotionally. It was suggested to me to create a Gofundme just to help with some medical expenses and extra to help our family out. I was recently let go from my job and are barely making it with one income. This incident has put us in a difficult situation and we are just asking for a little extra to help our family out.

Thank you for all your help in advance!


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