Monday, May 8, 2017

Ohio: 7-year-old boy attacked by neighbor's pit bull-boxer mix

OHIO -- A 7-year-old boy is recovering after being attacked by a dog at a Dayton house.

Police responded to a call about a dog bite at 622 South Smithville Road around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.

When officers arrived, they spoke with the bite victim’s father in an alley by the house. The man said a pit bull/boxer mix dog had bitten his 7-year-old son several times.

The child was taken to Dayton Children’s Hospital for treatment.

The man said the dog lived at a house just down the street on South Smithville Road. Officers went to that location and spoke with the dog’s owner, Jeremy Ryan, 22.

Ryan said he was not home when the attack happened. He said the child was at his house in the 700 block of South Smithville Road in the yard when the child was bitten.

Another child reportedly hit the dog with a stick to get it to stop biting the boy.

The victim’s father told police the dog was “an ongoing issue with the residents in the neighborhood,” Nabel wrote.

The owner of the dog Jeremy Ryan, 22, said the animal weighed 60-70 pounds. The dog was not at the house, and the man said the woman who owned the house was taking it to the Animal Resource Center.

Ryan said he would be willing to pay for the medical bills for the boy who was bitten.

When officers returned to the victim's home, the boy was home from the hospital. The boy was bitten five times in the back.

The boy confirmed he was at the house in the 700 block of S. Smithville Road, in the yard, when he was attacked.

Police issued a summons for the dog’s owner for Control of Dogs.

The case remains under investigation.

(WDTN - May 8, 2017)

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