Friday, July 14, 2017

Mississippi: 50+ animals seized from Kiln property owned by Bonnie Heffron; more animals inside house

MISSISSIPPI -- Authorities in Hancock County seized more than 50 farm animals from a property in the Kiln Wednesday evening after an animal control officer found the animals in poor health and living conditions on Dogpatch Road.

The animals seized include ponies, goats, rabbits, guineas, chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs, and cats.



Hancock County Animal Shelter Director Toni Pickering said the animals were "living in filth." It took several hours to round up all of the animals and get them to the shelter.

Now, the malnourished animals are getting the food, water, and care they need at the Hancock County Animal Shelter and vet clinics. Shelter employees say they're now at full capacity.

"The shelter received 55 animals through animal control," said Toni Pickering, with the shelter. "Their health problems are currently being evaluated. As of right now, the animals are not up for adoption, but we will update that on the shelter Facebook page as soon as that becomes available."


Sheriff Ricky Adam said 64-year-old Bonnie Heffron has been arrested in the case. She is charged with animal neglect and animal cruelty. Her bond was set at $1,000 for each count. Adam said she bonded out of jail right after her arrest.

Pickering said there are more animals in the house, and animal control officers are working to get a warrant to go inside the house to get to those animals.

The whole situation left Hancock County residents, like Alex Davis, scratching their heads.


"50 to 60 animals. You'd think if she took on that many she'd be able to feed that many," said Davis.

Pickering said Bay St. Louis Animal Control, the Hancock County Animal Shelter, the Hancock County Sheriff's Office, and a vet tech from the Riverbend Vet Clinic all worked together to remove the animals from the property.

Authorities say this investigation is ongoing, so they can't release the specifics on the animals' conditions yet. They also said Heffron could petition the court to try to keep the animals.



(WLOX - July 14, 2017)