Friday, July 14, 2017

Florida: Three pit bulls that attacked 62-year-old woman, causing serious injuries, to be euthanized

FLORIDA -- Three out of five Pit Bulls that went on a rampage and mauled two women in St. Petersburg were scheduled to be put down Thursday.

The attack seriously injured a 62-year-old woman in her neighborhood along 21st Street South last week.


Animal control officers determined three of the dogs were responsible for the attack.

One will be put up for adoption.

The remaining dog will go back to the owner, who also lives in the St. Pete neighborhood.


Officers responded to a home in the 2100 block of 21st Street South at 9:24 a.m. on Monday, July 3.

When officers arrived, they realized the dogs had escaped through open windows that did not have screens on them.

The dogs charged at the police officers when the officers tried to get out of their patrol cars.


The officers had to spray fire extinguishers to keep the dogs away from them.

A Pinellas County Animal Control officer also responded and had to fight off a dog.

When the dogs jumped back inside the home, officers were able to use pepper spray to keep them back while they closed the windows. The owner happened to arrive back home shortly after and cooperated with police and animal control, bringing her Pit Bulls out one by one and loading them into the truck.



(NBC4i - July 14, 2017)


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