Saturday, July 22, 2017

South Carolina: Man and his dog attacked by a Pit Bull owned by a Sheriff's deputy. Did he report it or just tell the cop to pay the vet bill?

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Kit Palmer posted on Facebook July 1, 2017 · Summerville, SC ·

Georgia-girl and I went for our Saturday morning walk today.

About half an hour in, we got attacked by a pit bull that escaped from it's owners yard.

GG got between me and the other dog and took the brunt of it, but we all ended up in a ditch full of water. I managed to get the attacking dog subdued after a few minutes but lost a bit of skin to do so.

We are both ok, but GG is getting some stitches at the vet right now.

Please understand, I don't blame the other dog. Pit bulls are territorial just like mastiffs and they will protect their home from any perceived intruder. It is the owner's responsibility to control their pets.

People, secure your pets or give them to someone who is responsible enough to take proper care of them!


Nicole Lynn Tolbert - Ridiculous!! I am so over the attack of pit bulls in this area !! People need to understand those dogs can't be let loose. This is what happen to me and Cooper and he almost died and I had tendon damage and blood from head to toe .. it dragged us ten feet on the concrete ... and it took 6 surgeries to save Cooper . I don't walk or walk my dog anymore because I have such PTSD from my attack . I hope she and you both heal quickly . Don't forget to get an antibiotic for your bite or loss of skin ... it's important you get that because dog bites are dangerous. Hang in there air hugs to both of you

Leslie Friend Wright - Thank God you to are alright! You are exactly right. As a previous breeder of pit bulls if that dog attacked it WILL do it again and I hate to say it but it should be put down. I don't say that lightly as I'm an owner of 3 dogs one if which is a bully breed. I am watching his behavior closely because if it happens once he will have to go. I rescued him off the internet as a little thing because I was afraid he would fall into the wrong hands. People pay attention to your animals and be responsible because if you don't this is what happens.

Tim Strickland - Hope you are okay Kit. I understand what you are saying but if I had my choice of a dog it would not be a pit bull. I worked probation for years and it seemed every yard we pulled into a pit was loose in the yard. Glad Georgia Girl is okay. She is a good girl!

Leeanne Field - So sorry to hear that & glad you are both ok. My dog was nearly killed by a pit bull staffy cross in march. It was running loose when we were out walking. I didn't have a hope of getting it off, thank god a man helped me. It did a lot of damage but I don't blame the dog I blame the owner. At least now it is registered as dangerous. So glad you managed to get it off & hope you will both be ok.

Phyllis Owings Emerine - Kit Palmer to know that GG was trying to protect you and take the brunt of the fight speaks volumes of the love and loyalty she has for you. So sad you two were hurt. Did the owner get notified? I would also send them both bills from your doctor and GG's Vet!

Kit Palmer-  Talked to the owner right after it happened. Believe it or not, he is a deputy sheriff. Made him lock his dog(s) up. Also brought him the vet bill after we got GG looked at.

What he needs to do is contact Animal Control and file a report. If he doesn't report it, it never happened. Then when this Pit Bull attacks or kills someone's pet or chases a child or a grown adult down the road, knocks them down and mauls them, it will be this guy's fault because he never told anyone other than the dumb cop to keep his nasty dog up. Even the person who used to breed Pit Bulls says in the comments that this dog WILL attack again.

Report it. Even if there are no vicious dog laws, at least it will be on record and when this dog does something else, the authorities will hopefully have enough to force him to put the dog down.