Saturday, July 22, 2017

California: Poodle mix named Lukey attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull

CALIFORNIA -- Amanda Moffitt posted on Facebook July 9, 2017 ·

Poor Lukey. While we were at Great America yesterday, he was attacked by a pit bull down the street.

Thank you Maureen for taking care of my boy. He hasn't moved much today but he seems ok. Going to keep a close eye on him though. He growls every time I pet his back legs. Please watch your animals people.

Kelli Jepson - How did he get attacked? Did the pit bull come through the fence?

Amanda Moffitt - No maureen, was taking him for a walk and the dog got out somehow.

Angela Ferrel - Amanda Moffitt, hopefully you guys made a police report! Make them pay for your dogs hospital bills

Amanda Moffitt - Angela Ferrel we spoke to animal control but they didn't help. Should I make a police report?

Michele Rene Richmond - oh no! 😢

Angela Ferrel - Amanda Moffitt, I would call the non emergency police station number and ask them to guild you in the right direction on who to contact.

Michele Rene Richmond - Amanda Moffitt, if you know where that dog lives then yes make a police report.

Jere McGrew - So sorry, yes make a report. Maybe he's attacked others

Tina Puett - Oh no, I would definitely call it in, If you know where the dogs live so the owner can be held responsible. My dogs are part pit and I hate always hearing bad stories about pits. It is all in how you treat your pet what kind of pet you will have.

Um, no Tina. It's not "how you treat them".

Maureen Fuertes - I called the non emergency number and reported the attack.they were not much help. - yeah, no surprise there

the dog came from its property and attacked Lucas on the sidewalk.the dog did not manage to break the skin and lucas got away.It is a pit bull mix. rather on the small side.they had rescued it from being euthanized. I hope they rethink that decision and get rid of it.

Hmm, maybe it was at the pound set to be euthanized because it had attacked other people and/or pets in the past and that's why no one would take it. But these shelters, desperate to keep their "kill" numbers down, shuffle these dogs right out the door to 'rescues' who pawn them off onto new owners.