Saturday, August 5, 2017

New York: "This afternoon, my beloved black cat Shadow was attacked and killed by a stray pit bull"

NEW YORK -- Christopher Lucente posted on Facebook August 4, 2017 ·

This afternoon, my beloved black cat Shadow was attacked and killed by a stray pit bull. She suffered extensive internal injuries, and we were forced to have her euthanized.....i am crushed...

RIP Shadow

Tara Hill Eman - I'm so very very sorry ❤️ my dogs were attacked by the neighbor's pit bulls in our (securely fenced) yard, and they nearly killed our cocker spaniel. I hate that you had to go through the horror of it, it is truly an excruciating thing! The two pits are still alive & well here too,'s so very disheartening that a beloved family member is murdered, and all that happens is a ticket ๐Ÿ˜ž I'm praying for you & your family, and please report ANY further acts of aggression by this dog-if he even comes near your house, you or a family member could be the next victim. Rest In Peace, Shadow, I'm in tears at the thought that she gave so much happiness to you in life, yet had to have hers ripped away so viciously ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Nancy Wyllie - I also had a beloved black cat. I am so sorry that your Shadow came to such a tragic and terrible end. Recently a pit bull attacked and killed a small dog belonging to a close friend. This happened in LA. There needs to be better enforcement of leash laws and more efforts to ban the breeding of pit bulls. Legislation is the key. A ticket is an insult to you and your cat. My partner has been able to write some of the toughest animal welfare legislation in the country here in RI. I have seen it at work. We all need to push hard for new laws to protect us all.

Christopher Lucente We have pictures of the pit bull....when the police find it, we are going to press charges on the owner

Wesley Johnson - Sorry chris. We've always had pets. Two years ago we lost one. We still can't get over it. Their like family.

Christopher Lucente - I just want everyone to know that Shadow did not go down without a fight.....she actually attacked the pit bull and drove him away, wounded as she was.....what a brave little black jaguar....


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