Saturday, August 12, 2017

Oklahoma: Neighbor's Pit Bull busts through fence to attack family's dog on their own property

OKLAHOMA -- Sarah Garrett added 2 new photos on August 5, 2017 ·

Sadie just got attacked by a pit bull in OUR back yard! Neighbors dog busted through the fence. Went for the jugular. Shes got several puncture marks around her neck. We think she'll be ok.

Cops came to the house thinking the pits were ours. Said they were chasing ppl. Told them they were the neighbors and the cops didn't even go over there! I think her collar helped save her life!

Marina J Turner - Omgosh poor Sadie and thank God the kids were not out there !!

Sarah Garrett - Yes! Very thankful! This isn't the first time the dogs have busted through so we've always been on alert.. but this is the first time they've attacked.

Georgia Wahl - A few years ago, our neighbor was walking her dog, and a Pitbull attacked. The dog had both her and her dog pinned against her house. Her dog was wearing two collars, and we think that's what helped save him from further injury.

All the neighbors tried to come to her rescue, and the only thing that seemed to scare the pit bull off was when David came toward it with our car. Crazy. Animal control wasn't really a lot of help either. Not sure why. I'm glad Sadie is ok. Also, you may want to keep an eye out in case the puncture wound gets infected.

Jillian Chadwell - So sorry. Hope sadie is ok. Glad it wasn't one of your girls.


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