Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Arkansas: Deaf woman's service dog attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull

ARKANSAS -- Sarah Hale shared a link on Facebook January 4, 2018 at 10:56pm

My service dog was attacked last night by a pit bull, and I am hoping a few animal loving souls could donate money so I can get her dislocated hip repaired tomorrow morning!

GoFundMe: Service Dog injured by BIG DOG PIT BULL
Created January 4, 2018
Sarah Hale

Bella the walrus is my 10 year old hearing service dog.

She was injured by my neighbor's big dog Pit Bull Wednesday (01/03/18) night and her hip is dislocated and we just don't have the money to pay for it.

She is my extra set of ears and is my life-line when my hearing aids are off for the night. She alerts me to weather, alarms, my phone, people and all in specific ways.

Last night while she was being injured my 8 month old puppy (was at the vet from suddenly coming ill with non-stop seizures, We received the phone call about Bella's injuries not even a minute after he had to be put to sleep from having brain damage from over heating from the seizures.

Bella was on her leash outside of the neighbors house and their BIG DOG PIT BULL got loose and pinned her to the ground until it was pulled off of her.

We were given an estimate by the emergency vet for $1,000 just for the initial putting the hip back in place, but there's a good possibility that she will need surgery or amputation which is why I am asking for enough to cover all of it.

UPDATE: we have found a local regular vet willing to do any treatment she needs with a down payment of $200 towards everything and a payment plan.  The first $200 that was raised's deposit should hit the bank early this week and we will start Bella's road to recovery then!

Please keep donating so we so we can cover all her upcoming bills.

Any money not spent on Bella's medical care will be donated to the Gandalf Fund which helps other service dogs in need.

My family is in a tough spot financially and I need Bella to function at home.

If you could be an angel for the angel on my shoulder and donate even a small amount, every bit helps!

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