Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Massachusetts: Baby attacked by parent's Pit Bull in Falmouth undergoes 4th surgery

MASSACHUSETTS -- A baby girl attacked by her family's pit bull Jan. 7 underwent facial reconstruction surgery earlier this week at Boston Children’s Hospital to repair damage to the right side of her face, according to the child’s fundraising page.

The operation was the fourth one for one-year-old Remmy Goulart since the attack by the family dog named Blue, her mother, Stephenie Schauberger Goulart, wrote on the “Rally for Remmy” GoFundMe page.

“She sustained severe physical trauma to her face, particularly her jaw,” Goulart wrote. “I want to assure everyone that the beautiful face you see in her pictures is there. Her blue eyes, lips, nose cheeks and long eyelashes.”

Attempts to contact the family were unsuccessful.

Earlier this week, surgeons worked on reconstructing bones on the right side of Remmy’s face and also took bone from the top of her skull to creative a supportive “floor” for her eye, Schauberger Goulart wrote.

Last week the baby had surgery to reconstruct her jaw and the facial structure on her left side, and to start the process of replacing the bridge of her nose, she wrote.

Surgeons also are addressing soft tissue damage in Remmy’s mouth, according to Schauberger Goulart, who said earlier this week that Remmy would remain asleep for five days to a week while she heals.

“We are very impatient for her to wake up so we can look into those big blue eyes, but we trust her doctors and want her to be as comfortable as possible,” she wrote.

The attack earlier this month shocked seasoned first responders from the Falmouth police and fire departments, who underwent a debriefing after the incident at 29 Brick Kiln Road.

Remmy’s father, Reece Goulart, told police that the dog attacked Remmy without warning while she was playing on the kitchen floor and he was standing near the kitchen sink, according to a police report.

The dog “wouldn’t let go,” so Reece Goulart stabbed it to death with a butcher knife, police wrote. The dog, which had been adopted from Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, had no  history of aggression either in Falmouth or in Wareham, where it had previously lived, according to a Falmouth animal control report.

Falmouth officials rushed Remmy to Falmouth Hospital, where medical staff performed a tracheotomy before the baby was flown to Boston Children’s Hospital, Schauberger Goulart wrote on the GoFundMe site.

“There are absolutely no words that exist to express how thankful we are to all of the responders that rushed to save our daughter for a second time in that emergency room, her father saving her the first,” she wrote.

Surgeons in Boston said the decision to surgically open the hole in Remmy’s windpipe at Falmouth Hospital saved the baby’s life.

“You are heroes,” her mother wrote.

The GoFundMe site has raised more than $45,000 from more than 700 donors toward its new goal of $50,000.

“We continue to be blown away by the generosity, love and support Remmy is receiving,” Schauberger Goulart wrote.

“Any time a child is injured, people, especially on the Cape and in Falmouth, people really come together,” said Susan Moran, chairwoman of the Falmouth Board of Selectmen.

The GoFundMe site, Facebook and newspaper articles about Remmy “keep everyone’s thoughts and prayers close at hand,” Moran said.

Posted by Mallory Marie

Hi everyone, this is Remmy’s mom. Her fourth, and final (for the time being), surgery took place this afternoon in to the evening. This surgery was committed reconstructing the bones on the right side of her face, and cheeck area. A small portion of bone was harvested from the top of her skull in order to create a floor for her eye, to give it support. Her nasal structure was also given some more support. The last piece of this surgery involved bringing a large area of skin together near the bottom of her jaw. This will help with healing the soft tissue properly.

These surgeries were steps to helping Remmy heal and resemble her typical, bubbly and spunky self. She will need more surgeries as she grows to alter some of the ways in which they have had to reconstruct her face as of right now. She will also remain asleep, while she heals, for another 5 days to a week. We are very impatient for her to wake up so we can look in to those big blue eyes, but we trust her doctors and want her to be as comfortable as possible.

Looking forward, we do not have a clear answer as to what the next step is for our girl. Her team of surgeons will decide, as she heals over the next week, what will be best for her care and if she will require any additional surgeries. We will continue our stay in the ICU until further notice. We continue to be blown away by the generosity, love and support Remmy is receiving, and words can not express how grateful we are for all of you. We thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for your prayers and loving words. Please, keep praying for Remmy. Rally for Remmy. She needs you, too.

(Cape Cod Times - January 20, 2018)


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