Friday, January 19, 2018

Australia: Puffin the six-month-old Shar-Pei barely survives attack by Mastiff

AUSTRALIA -- This my Puffin. He is 6 months old. He was attacked by a Mastiff that was at least double his size and weight. If you can, please share his #gofundme account. He needs a lot of treatment.

Puffin has quite extensive injuries to his face, head, ear, chest and leg.
He was found barely breathing and in severe shock.

It is likely that he will need multiple surgeries and medications to get him through.

He is my companion in life and all I have. It breaks my heart to see him so utterly broken. If you can please put my Puffin back together again so he can continue to be my best friend.


I have bought Puffin home to closely monitor him. He has multiple surgeries ahead. He will most likely lose an ear and muscle from his neck. The vets were unable to close up his exposed neck for the time being. He has a great risk of presenting with a collapsed lung due to air getting in. He has got 10 drains in to drain blood and fluid so they can reassess and attempt to repair more. His arteries, blood vessels and Trachea are all exposed and there is a risk that there is damage to his trachea causing breathing troubles. We are not clear of danger yet and he is on a lot of pain relief and antibiotics.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and those who continue to send love prayers and support to us.

Puffin made it through the night. Big blessing.
He has cried most of the morning hours so I sat with him and told him about how much love everyone is sending him. More surgery today unfortunately but it has to be done. We are such a long way away at the moment. Thank you to everyone for all the support.

Puffin when he was a little puppy

Today has been a good day and a bad day. It’s a good day because the vet is pleased with how his injuries look. Today is also a bad day because Puffin will not eat at all and will only have little bits of chilled water from a syringe about every half an hour. It’s not enough to keep him well. He has been given two injections of long acting antibiotics and some more pain relief.

He’s fighting hard and everything is looking good. I pray that we keep heading in the right direction and down go backwards which is still a very real risk. His muscles are starting to break down what has died so hopefully we can start getting it all stitched back together soon.

What a day!
I am so pleased to find that Puffin has perked up today. He has started to drink from his bowl and is looking so much better for it. We are still on a long medication regime of pain killers and anti inflammatories. The vet checked in with us today and they are pleased with his progress as it means he is becoming stronger and that means that we can start looking at the next stage of his treatment. He is now up and moving a little bit, though he will only come out for a few minutes before going back to sleep. Small steps lead to greater things. The hope is that he is resilient enough that we can reinforce positive interactions with other animals over time. There is no rush on that and only time will tell. Much love to everyone and thank you for all you have done for us

GoFundMe: Help put Puffin Back Together Again
Created January 10, 2018
Alesana Riley
  Ipswich, QLD (Australia)


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