Saturday, January 13, 2018

California: Owner runs off with his Pit Bull after it attacks man and his Pomeranian named Foxy

CALIFORNIA -- Monique Marie Lopez added a photo and a video — at Katella Grand. Posted on Facebook January 3, 2018 at 9:51pm · Anaheim, CA ·

Finally home from this horrible day. 😧Foxy and hubby were attacked this morning by pit bull during morning's potty walk.

Hubby is OK, small cuts from bites.

Foxy ended up in emergency with lacerations, broken paw and her gum filleted from her teeth. Pit bull locked jaw on Foxy's head and continued to go after her once hubby got Foxy away. 

The search is on for the owner "Kevin" who didn't give contact info as hubby was covered in blood.

Foxy is alive and home. Still out of it, swollen and splited after surgery.

Thank you Sandy and Dr.Weiss at VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital for taking such good care of foxy today. They were very empathetic to our and Foxy's needs.💕

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Pam Adams (Florida) - My Doberman was attracted by 2 running loose and ripped her to shreds while I was walking her. She just got out Of the hospital after 3 days. She has 7 drains and the bleeding has slowed down. The pits were returned to their owners. 

I have been out over $500 and the owners suppose to pay but no guarantee he will. I never witnessed anything so brutal when she wasn't fighting. If my neighbor hadn't rum out and scared them off she would be dead. She has over 40 bites but this picture shows the worse of it. I am sick over this and she didn't deserve to have to go through this.