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Texas: After Pit Bulls jumped into fenced yard and mauled Chocolate Lab, owner grabbed his maulers and fled, leaving the poor Lab to bleed to death

TEXAS -- Hayden Flatt posted on Rescues United 361 Network's Facebook page January 12, 2018 at 1:03am

So we have this beautiful 9 month old full blooded chocolate lab his name is bullet! He has been with us almost an entire year we got him at 7 weeks old!

He was a gift I gave to my wife for her birthday and we love him dearly. He is a miracle he’s tuff. He survived parvo; he is a fighter. he’s vary smart and sweet and playful loves people and other animals.

On Monday everything changed I got a call from my neighbor and he she told me I needed to get home my dog was being attacked I ran home as fast as i could.

When I arrived I found our baby boy Bullet. Ripped apart and bleeding out I rushed him to my truck and immediately rushed him to the vet.

I found out that he had been attacked by three pit bulls who broke through our back fence line and started ripping him apart for no reason. 

Bullet has to have left front leg amputated to survive the dogs ripped all his nerves and veins out of his leg. 

The neighbor's sons saw everything they took videos and pictures for proof to the police.

One of my neighbors told me the owner of the pit bulls jumped our fence and got the pit bulls out before animal control showed up, covered the hole up where they came through and left our dog Bullet bleeding out on our back porch.

I called the police after getting Bullet to the vet and got the neighbors to show him the video and pictures and they took the main red pit bull because he had already killed other dogs in the past. 

Animal control did not help. The police took the dog to put him down.

Bullet is still fighting for his life at the vet . We are trying to figure out how to pay for everything after it’s all done. Please please please we could use prayers and any form of donations! His name is bullet flatt he is located at the Violet Veterinary Clinc in Corpus Christi Texas he will be going into surgery tomorrow to get the leg removed. But please we really need support and donations. The account bullet is under is Savannah Coggin thank y’all

Updating information!
Our dogs name at the vet is bullet Coggin
Account name is Savannah Coggin
The vet is violet veterinary clinic in corpus Christ to
And the number is 361-241-2522

Also bullet made it through surgery but now he’s getting his organs flushed out because they have been damaged badly!

Savannah Larue Update: they picked up the female pit bull and the animal control gave them one chance to get her out but they have not, all those bills stacking up and can’t afford them pretty sure they aren’t going to get her out. So they are probably going to put her down.

GoFundMe: Help Bullet The Chocolate Lab
Created January 8, 2018
Tina Flatt

Bullet is a 9 month chocolate lab and is a fighter! He survived Parvo at 8 was old. Today he was attacked by 3 vicious pitbulls after they tore through our sons stockade fence.

The dog owner jumped the fence got his dogs tried to cover up the damage where they entered and then put Bullet on the back porch to die!!

Thank God another neighbor witnessed this and called my son. Bullet is currently at the vet under going surgery to save his life! Bullet will lose his hind leg to be able to survive! He is my son and his fiancé's baby and they are using all their finances to save him. He told me he is using all the money they saved for their wedding and anything else they have to save him. Please if you can spare anything it will help Bullet and his loving parents. Thank you in advance for your love and support. I will keep everyone updated on his recovery. If nothing else please keep Bullet and his parents in your prayers. God Bless everyone!!

Update 1
Last night was scary Bullet had a lung collapsing so they couldn’t do surgery. I spoke with the vet this morning Bullet made it through the night and is now stable. No surgery today they won’t him to be a little more conscious probably tomorrow. I will keep everyone posted!! Thanks for all the prayers!!

Update 2
Bullet was unable to undergo surgery yesterday due to a punctured lung and not stable enough. Today he is stable more alert but feeling everything. Hopefully he will have surgery tomorrow to amputate his left front leg so he can begin the long road to recovery.

Update 3
PLEASE PRAY!! Bullet is undergoing surgery today at noon to amputate his left front leg. The vet gives him a 50/50 chance of making it. He is a fighter so we are being strong. Please pray for Bullet and the vet.

Update 4
Good news Bullet made it through surgery!! Not out of the woods yet, but he is one tough puppy. He will be at the vet for about another week so vet bill are piling up!! Donations are definitely needed no one can afford this by themselves and I know my kids can’t. Thanks for caring!!

Update 5
Here is Bullet today. Poor baby!!

Update 6
First off thank you for all the donations and prayers we appreciate it so much. We saw Bullet today he was wagging his tail when walked in. He did stand for 10 seconds. Here is the thing, the vet is very concerned about his kidneys and is doing blood work. We will know tomorrow the results. He needs to have 60% viability in them to be able to recover. This is the worst case she has ever seen from a pit bull attack.

Please say a prayer for Bullet and I will give a update as soon as I know. The vet bills keep building everyday at about $150. Please share Bullets GoFundMe page on all all your social media and with family and friends. His vet bill today is at $1893.99 and will continue to rise daily. Thank you again!

Update 7
Bullet is walking on his own today!! He went outside to go potty got down stairs and everything all by himself!!

Update 8
Bullet has an infection in his surgery site hasn’t come home yet!! Pl are keep him in your prayers!

Update 9
Bullet was sure happy to see his mom and daddy!!

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