Wednesday, February 28, 2018

California: "I almost got attacked today by a pit bull" says mail carrier who also says "I like pit bulls, too"

CALIFORNIA -- LoryAne Gu posted on Facebook February 28, 2018 ·

I almost got attacked today by a pit bull. He came out of nowhere. I was at a cbu unit, and went around the back of my vehicle to get a parcel [she's a mail carrier].

He trotted up to me not wagging his tail, which made me a little nervous from the get go. But, I reached down to pat his head anyway since he was so close, and I wanted to be as friendly as possible to such a strong dog.

I know dogs and have been around them my whole life. I like pit bulls too, they can be very sweet with their little pit-ish grins.๐Ÿ˜Š But this dog was not friendly he immediately started barking and growling at me.

I backed away, and yelled GET BACK! This dog did not get the memo. So I fumbled for my post office issued pepper spray, and gave him a nice little orange spot atop the bridge of his nose. He sneezed and trotted off back through the OPEN gate to his back yard. Where he continued to watch me as I finished the job. Scared me half to death.