Saturday, February 3, 2018

California: Six-month old Beagle puppy mauled by Pit Bull, which grabbed his face breaking his jaw and shredding his gums

CALIFORNIA -- On Saturday evening (1/27) my neighbor's six-month old beagle-mix puppy, Reilly, was attacked by a pit bull and very seriously mauled.

Reilly is currently undergoing emergency surgery to repair a broken jaw and torn up gums/teeth-- a very pricey procedure that will be close to $5,000. In addition rehabilitation and medical follow ups.

Reilly's Dad is the nicest person in the world and he's suddenly burdened by the extreme costs of emergency surgery and post-surgery care for his pup.

I would love to show him (a first-time dog owner)  that there are people and animal lovers who are willing to step up and help a neighbor in need and take the burden off of some of the medical expenses. Anything helps! If you can't donate please consider sharing or forwarding the campaign to someone who might be able to.

**Note: The incident has been reported to the proper authorities** You are welcome to call Officer Redfield or the officer on duty at animal control to confirm the incident. (310) 207-3156

Update 1
The outpouring of love and support for Reilly and James is incredible. Thank you all so much for your generosity. I can't tell you how inspiring it is to see so many friends, neighbors and strangers ban together to help. It is lovely to see this side of humanity.

I will be keeping you all updated as James has his hands full looking after Reilly, but the emergency jaw re-attachment surgery was a success and Reilly has started on the long road to recovery!! Your donations will help pay for this surgery and take away some of the burden of medical debt and rehabilitation costs.

Please continue to share with friends/animal lovers as I'm hoping to continue on our goal to covering the full cost of Reilly's surgery.

Thank you all so much xox
- kelly

**See James' personal comment on this page below, but he has promised that in the future should he ever be able to successfully collect damages from those held responsible for the attack, he pledges to donate the funds received here on gofund me to a local rescue shelter or animal hospital.

GoFundMe: Emergency Surgery For Puppy Reilly
Created January 28, 2018
Kelly Landry
on behalf of James Sharkey

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