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Illinois: Havanese named Gus is pulled underneath his fence and mauled by two Pit Bulls

ILLINOIS -- On Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018, Gus experienced the greatest trauma that you could imagine. Likewise, our family has experienced every pet-owner's worst nightmare.

Gussy was attacked by two pit bulls. They dragged him out from under the fence in his own backyard. 


Among his most severe injuries, Gus's jugular vein was punctured and he lost one of his eyes. He is stable now, but he is still in critical condition. Gus has already had to have emergency surgery and his veterinary care has ended up totaling over $12,000 at only two days into his treatment.

Gus will require continual care, not only to keep him alive, but also to help him through his long and difficult recovery. We, Gus's humans, love him more than we can put into words. He is such an important part of our family, and we are desperate to heal him and bring him back home.

Please, if there is anything you can do to help, it will be greatly appreciated.

Update 1
Thursday January 8, 2018
Gus had a bit of a rough night last night. The doctors said that he regurgitated a little into his NG tube and they are concerned about that. They also said that they may have to do a blood transfusion today as his numbers are not where they would like them to be. They are changing up his antibiotics and pain meds to get things under control and watching him very closely.

He has been through so much in the last couple of days, but he is fighting to get well and come back home to his family. We were able to bring him his favorite skunk toy yesterday and tell him how much we love him and miss him. He definitely perked up a little when he saw his humans! We’re hoping that today’s visit will reassure him that we are with him and that we cannot wait for him to be well enough to bring him home.

Update 2
Friday January 5, 2018
The last 24 hours Gus has proven what a strong little guy he is. All of his catheter’s and tubes have been removed, he is eating and drinking on his own and he wants to come home to his family. Grandpa, Hailey, Kameron and Brianna were able to go and visit yesterday and it really lifted Gus’s spirits, he was so happy to see his family.

The prayers from all of our family and friends over the past several days means more than you know to our family. We cannot Thank everyone enough for your generosity and kind words.

We will be able to bring Gus home later this evening and continue to care for him and make him comfortable at home, his wounds will need to be cared for and dressed and he will remain on antibiotics and pain medications.

Everyone who has cared for Gus continues to tell us what a miracle it is that he survived this vicious attack. The staff at Premier Veterinary in Grayslake will forever be our hero’s , their fast action an skilled medical care saved our little guys life.

We still have a long road ahead of us, Gus will follow up with surgeon on Monday.

Update 3
I am happy to report that Gus was well enough to come home last night. He is such a strong little guy. He is adjusting well to seeing the world with just one eye, and to be quite honest it looks like he’s always winking at us. He was so happy to be back at home with his family and his favorite things. He is still in a lot of pain and covered in stitches, but he is taking his medication and making himself comfortable.

We can’t tell you how overwhelming your generosity has been, the donations and prayers for Gus are so very appreciated.

And again to the Grayslake Premier Veterinary staff, you are our heroes! Gus is home with us because of you and your excellent care! Thank you Thank You Thank You!

Update 4
Gus went in for his follow up appointment with his surgeon, they are not happy with his chipped shoulder, it is poking through the skin and causing Gus a lot of pain. They have decided to take him back for another surgery to clean it up and try to ease his pain. Everything else seems to be healing nicely. Gus will go back for another surgery in the next few minutes and hopefully will be home with us again tomorrow.

Thank you all again for your kind words, prayers and generous donations. We know their is a long road to recovery for our poor little guy, but we also know how strong he is. We will keep you updated as we know what’s going on.

Update 5
Gus came home after yesterday’s surgery and was resting comfortably. This evening his neck incision began to show signs of infection, he is on his way back to Grayslake to be seen and treated. We will update when we have a better understanding of what is going on. Please continue to pray for Gus. Hopefully this will be a minor setback and we will be back on the road to recovery soon!

Update 6
Gus followed up with the Vet today and had his drain removed, he is getting stronger and will hopefully be able to get his stitches removed on Tuesday. It looks like what was thought to be infection is part of the healing process and nothing to worry about. He’s eating and drinking on his own and walking outside to go potty on his own. We cannot get over what a strong boy he is. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for Gus!

Update 7
Gus is getting better every day, he is off a lot of the very strong medications, and his personality is getting back to normal. He is eating and drinking and begging for treats. He started to chew his favorite sticks and play with his toys. Thank you to everyone who brought over goodies for Gus, he is thoroughly enjoying everything, from the delicious food to the treats and all of the toys and blankets. The plan is for Gus to have all of his stitches removed tomorrow!!

Update 8
Gus had all of his stitches removed yesterday, he is starting to feel more like himself everyday! Today he decided he wanted to play with all of his new toys!

Gus, when he was much younger

Update 9
Gus was able to have his first bath today since the attack, he still has so many scabs everywhere from the puncture wounds so it was a very gentle bath.

His neck incision seems to be healing nicely, as well as his shoulder. The eye removal also seems to have healed up quite well, and Gus has really adjusted well to losing his eye.

He still has moments when he overdoes it a little and will let out a yelp reminding him to slow down. All of the muscle damage that he endured is going to take time to heal.

With that being said, we couldn’t be happier that he is home with us, he has been extra snuggly and really seems to be enjoying the comfort of his humans laps.

Hailey, Gus’ favorite human spoke to the Waukegan City Council to try to amend the city ordinances that allowed the dogs who did this to Gus to be labeled  dangerous! We will keep you posted on updates when we know more!

Thank you again for the generous donations, they are so helpful to our family!

Update 10
We haven’t updated in a while, because Gus has been keeping us very busy, every day his energy level increases and so does his his desire to play and cuddle with his humans. He is healing and getting back in to the swing of things.

We’ve made arrangements to have him groomed after hours while no other dogs are present to make sure that it goes smoothly, his puncture wounds have healed nicely as well as his surgical incisions, so he’s ready to get rid of his funny haircut from all of the shaving for surgery!

Again our family would like to thank you all for your very generous donations and kind words and thoughts. It’s a miracle that Gus is still here with us, and we will treasure every moment that we have with him!

GoFundMe: Gussy's Emergency Medical Fund
Created January 3, 2018
Jamie Schueneman

Pitbulls-Just Say No - While yes everyone is happy the dog survived but with the pits still there, for how long? We all know pits, when they don't kill their intended victim, return to finish the job. Those pits should not have been allowed to return and should have been put down. This is why killers need to be put down on spot to ensure no further victims from those individual dogs.

Hailey Renee Schueneman - This is of course the thought I share as Gussy’s owner. Our city’s animal control is run by a bunch of pit bull apologists and pits are the main breed in their shelter. They found the dogs that mauled Gus to be not dangerous.

Suzanne Gilmore Taylor - So glad he is healing, poor babe. Please get yourself to your city hall at the next monthly' meeting. Put those pictures in front of the mayor face-along with a copy the vet bill Oh and police report.. And demand they do something with these pits.YOU have rights!!!

Hailey Renee Schueneman - I have taken all of these steps! I spoke at my city council meeting on the 16th and gave these photos to the mayor and to all of the aldermen, this issue is on their agenda!

Suzanne Gilmore Taylor - GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!I'm very proud of you!!!!I'm trying to do something in my town but it's a tourist town,they bring money with their dogs.But,the city and police are more aware

Louise Castello - Do the dogs still live next door? No way these animals should still be alive and the owner of the Pits would be paying medical bills.

Hailey Renee Schueneman - Owner is 23, renting an apartment with 2 roommates and is unemployed. He isn’t paying anything so we are stuck with the bill that’s over $8,000. Dogs are still alive and living a couple houses down.


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