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Massachusetts: Future serial killer Miguel Medina, 22, sentenced to a year in the county jail for torturing and killing kittens "for fun"

MILFORD, MASSACHUSETTS -- A Massachusetts man accused of killing kittens because he was bored has been sentenced to a year in the county jail.

Authorities say Milford resident Miguel Medina threw one kitten into a wall and burned another in a fire pit, prompting his arrest last year. A witness told police Medina talked about killing kittens "for fun" when he was bored.

The Telegram & Gazette reports the 22-year-old Medina was convicted of killing or maiming an animal and animal cruelty. He will receive credit for the 100 days he already has spent in jail.

Medina has a history of criminal charges, including domestic assault on family members, destruction of property, vandalism and drug dealing.



A man is facing several charges after allegedly viciously torturing and killing kittens that lived on a family farm at which he was staying.

On Sunday, Oct. 15, two officers were called to Ferrucci's Farm on Howard Street regarding an unwanted person on the property. Members of the Ferrucci family told police that Miguel Medina, who had been staying in a camper behind the farm, was threatening and bothering family members, and refused to leave.

Police walked up to the camper when Medina said, "I knew you guys were coming." Police asked him to leave the property, and he seemed very hesitant, according to a police report. Medina reportedly grabbed his belongings and left.

After he left, a member of the Ferrucci family told police that Medina had texted her that he had killed kittens that lived on the farm.

Police were shown text messages Medina sent in which he said he killed kittens on the farm, the document said

Another man on the scene said that Medina had told him about the killings, and invited him inside the camper to see.

"I had other kittens, but one bit my favorite kitten," Medina allegedly told the man, "... so I threw that kitten against the wall and then I put it under a table." 

Medina then reportedly showed the man the kitten bones under the table, and said, "Check this out. I burned this one yesterday!"

The witness told police that Medina showed him the charred body of the kitten in the fire pit and that he "talks heavily about kittens daily and admits to killing a couple a week for fun when he is bored." 

The witness brought police to the camper, where officers saw kitten bones "all over the grass."

Police also saw the burned kitten in the fire pit.

Police found Medina, whose home address is listed as Main Street, Milford, on Central Street and placed him under arrest. While booking Medina, he reportedly said, "I killed a kitten," while being finger-printed, said police.

Medina was charged with two counts of killing/maiming/poisoning an animal and one charge of animal cruelty.

A Milford District Court judge ordered Medina to complete a mental evaluation at the Worcester House of Corrections when he appeared in court on Oct. 16.

Medina pleaded not guilty to all charges on Oct. 16, and is scheduled to appear back in Milford District Court on Nov. 13, reports the Boston Globe.

They made a big mistake by not requiring mental health intervention with this plea agreement. This guy is a serial killer in the making.

Uxbridge Police Department Arrests - February 2015 
Arrest: Miguel Medina
Address: Milford
Charges: OUI Liquor, OUI Drugs, Unlicensed operation, Possession of class C substance
Arresting Officer: Ethier

Arrest: Miguel Medina
Address: Milford
Charges: A&B on a police officer, malicious destruction of property over $250
Arresting Officer: Stockwell

Monday, Jan. 2, 2017
2:27 p.m.: Caller states that a male is starting a disturbance at her home, 12 East Walnut St. The male party also has three warrants. Miguel Medina, 21, East Walnut Street, Milford, was arrested and charged on three warrants.

(WSLS - February 9, 2018)

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