Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Mexico: "Roan was attacked this morning by an unleashed pit bull"

NEW MEXICO -- Elizabeth Carmel posted on Facebook January 19, 2018 ·

Roan was attacked this morning by an unleashed pit bull. Please send healing thoughts and love for his quick and pain-free recovery. Thank you.

1/22/18 - Per call the Deming Animal Shelter, they can't do anything about the dog who attacked Roan until he is brought in 3-4 times. The person I spoke to said that dogs fighting is normal behavior. IT IS NOT!

Von Dunn - So sorry. Pit bulls killed my cats on my own porch. Then they kept coming back looking for more things to kill.

Elizabeth Carmel - Roan's healing very well, thank you. He gets the stitches removed next week.

Elizabeth Carmel - Local law enforcement is trying to locate the dog. Not surprisingly, the owners have removed it.

Elizabeth Carmel - The dog was not there when they went to pick him up.

Ahh,the owners did a "PIT AND RUN" -- hiding the dog before authorities could seize it from them. 

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