Thursday, February 15, 2018

North Carolina: “Don’t worry he don’t bite,” says owner right before Pit Bull latched onto her face

NORTH CAROLINA -- Local Mother Attacked and Mauled in face by Pit bull

A Gaston County mother is asking for your help after she was severely attacked and mauled by pit bull in the face while picking up her son Christmas Day. In a matter of 15 seconds life as I knew it was no more. My life changed drastically in those few seconds.

Christmas morning 2017 started as usual, as lunchtime approached my son and I got the food packed in the truck. We then headed on out to go get my oldest son to go eat at my mother’s house. When we got there my son wanted to show me the car he just bought a couple nights before.

So I got out of the truck took about 3 or 4 steps and seen a man standing there with a dog on a leash. I looked down at the dog then right back at him.

Before I could say anything the man standing there with the dog says “Don’t worry he don’t bite”, and by the time the man said the word bite, the dog was on me biting me in the face. The damage had been done the only thing to do at that point was control the bleeding remain as calm as possible and drive myself to the hospital.

After driving myself to possibly the worst hospital there is, and being informed there is nothing that can be done for me there. I was given 3 shots of morphine, antibiotics and prescription for pain. I was given an appointment card for a facial reconstruction. The dog had left nothing that could be stitched up. He had bitten half my bottom and top lip off.

I have never had to suffered nor want to suffer again the pain and agony I am going through now. My medicine had to be crushed up and mixed with liquid and poured into my mouth with a measuring cup.

Needless to say the emotional trauma my mind now suffers. I am terrified of all dogs. I have terrible nightmares now and seeing pit bull on television reminds me of the exact moment the attack happened. 

Does she still have this Pit Bull?

I have been to see different types of facial reconstruction doctors and have now found one in Huntersville, NC. The doctors have said that I will need multiple surgeries which will require months of recovery. They will have to make my mouth smaller, but are hopeful we can stretch the lip from one side make incision on other side stretch and hopefully meet. The bottom lip and top lip will have to be done separately in hopes it has enough blood supply to heal properly.

Before the attack I was actively looking for work. Then on January 3, 2018, I finally get that call I was waiting for saying we have a position for you starting on Monday. Unfortunately due to the severity of the attack which was healing from the inside out I had to decline taking the job. After talking with my surgeon and learning about the multiple surgeries and the recovery time that comes along with it. I became aware that it was going to be some time before I would be able to even return to working.

I have three sons in which only one still lives at home and going to school that is 15. All if my bills are paid and current except my car insurance at this time. However, with me not able to work that want be the case for long and that leaves me with nothing but worries, tears and not a lot of hope for the months to come on, how I will be able continue to pay them and put gas in my vehicle to get my son to school and myself to the doctor.

I am using what little bit of hope I have left that this go fund me will help me see that there is some light at the end of this tunnel and give me a future to look forward to. All donation no matter how big or small are greatly appreciated. Prayers would be greatly appreciated also. If you could just share my story with others that would be absolutely amazing. I would like to say thank you to all of you that took the time to stop to read and share my story.

Please if you have any questions please email me at; I will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Thanks again.

GOFUNDME: Mom Hopeless After Mauled By Pit
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