Thursday, February 15, 2018

South Carolina: Maltipoo named Benny mauled by a Pit Bull

SOUTH CAROLINA -- Hello Friends,  As most of you know on the afternoon of February 8, 2018, our precious Maltipoo Benny was attacked by a vicious pit bull right in front of my eyes.

We believe the doctors can repair the damage and he will be ok.  Benny is in need of emergency surgery. This is going to cost thousands of dollars.

Our family would be forever grateful if you could help.

GOFUNDME: Help Benny
Created February 9, 2018
Jamie Chisler Pfaffenbichler 

So far they've raised $400 of $3,500 goal. She needs to be more specific. What is wrong with Benny? Post photos of his injuries, his estimated bills. What happened with the Pit Bull and owner?

She'll get some donations from friends and family, but strangers will not donate to fundraising pages that are so threadbare in details.


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