Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ohio: Woman brutally mauled in the face by her friend's Pit Bull

OHIO -- February 17, 2018 seemed just like an ordinary day, but soon Queen would experience a tragic attack that would change her life forever.

While celebrating her recent selection in a local fashion show, she traveled across town to pick up her friend who was supporting her in her first rehearsal.

While waiting on her friend to get in the car, his pit bull darted out of the house and attacked her. 

The attack resulted in Queen losing 75 percent of her facial muscle structure, a piece of her cheek removed, and a broken jaw. 


After a five hour surgery in attempt to repair the damage, tissue and cartilage was removed from her nose to create her a new mouth. Doctors say this is the first of several surgeries needed to repair her mouth.

As we all know reconstructive and plastic surgery can be very expensive and she has already exceeded the allowed insurance available towards her recovery. She also has suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and will need professional counseling to rebuild her self confidence.

She currently has her mouth sewn shut and will not be able to eat or talk for at least the next six months. She will be out of school for the remainder of the year and will need home schooling.

With doctor bills already piling and limited funds we are reaching out to the community and asking for your help. Any donations towards this campaign will greatly be appreciated.

GOFUNDME: Rally for Queen
Created February 22, 2018
Earl Preach Clemons


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