Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Arizona: Woman and her small dog attacked by Pit Bull that had "just been adopted 2 days ago". Police refuse to do anything.

ARIZONA -- Helen Spallas is feeling traumatized. Posted on Facebook March 2, 2018 · Mesa, AZ ·

I am literally in shock. Henry and I got attacked by a pit bull tonight. He’s getting surgery in a couple hours. He’s in bad shape and guarded condition. He might not live.

I am sitting in ER waiting to get stitches as my hand is all bit up and one of my fingers is almost severed. I’m numb with disbelief that this happened. Worst night ever and my heart hurts so bad for Henry. Need prayers!!!

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Update: Henry had abdominal surgery and is expected to live.

He is still in the hospital and in guarded condition.

I got my hand stitched up and have splints on. One finger is possibly broken but I need to go to a different facility to get X-rays. Got a shot in the ass for tetanus and a shot in the arm of antibiotics. The tetanus shot was horribly painful.


I will survive. Just still shook up.

The dogs owner is now spreading rumors that my little 10 pound dog provoked his 85 lb pit bull and told cops I didn’t have Henry on a leash. All total lies. I am furious and no longer feel safe here. 

The owner hasn’t even apologized to me or asked how we are doing. He is no way getting rid of his dog. The cops said no crime committed because he had him on a leash and he "just got away". 

Lazy cops. I guarantee if you were their mother they'd have done something.

This dog attacked unprovoked and is dangerous. And I feel that this will happen again because the owner obviously can’t control his dog. And he just adopted him 2 days ago. 

I will keep everyone posted but so far it looks like we will physically be ok. I think Henry was so traumatized that this will change him forever.


I'm sure Helen didn't appreciate Dee the apologist saying that

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