Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Florida: Pit Bull had played with their small dog on numerous occasions without issue. Today it killed her.

FLORIDA -- Velora Clevenger posted on Facebook March 2, 2018 ·

Jimmy's dog after a Pit bull attacked it.

These two dogs had been playing together for some time, then today the pit bull turned on the little one and killed her.

The reason I was at my brothers is our youngest brother just passed away on Wednesday. Now Jimmy has lost his dog, too.

DJuana Jean Flowers - It has everything to with breed. Every innate behavior in animals has to do with how they are genetically designed. Pit Bull types are bred to kill other dogs. They kill the vast majority of pets and livestock. They are the #1 killer if infants, children and adults out of all other breeds. The facts are available for anyone who desires truth. It's not new.

Pits have always killed people. It's documented in news and obituaries. It's just that there are so many in our neighborhoods now that we see huge numbers of animals and people suffering death and profound maulings. Don't be fooled.

Olivia Riley - I’m sorry this happened... but please don’t blame the pit bull... blame the owners that raised him wrong... any breed of dog could have done this

Jennie Conway - Pit bulls always kill other animals. They kill more than all other breeds combined. Your pets and children are never safe around pit bulls. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog. Make a report to the authorities. That killer could next turn on a human.

Jon Zolis - What a joke some dog on the ground no visible harm ZERO blood and you claim it was killed by a pit nothing but bullshit propaganda To all the pit hating commenters give your heads a shake the two neurons you have are filing to fire!

Chantal Clarke - I don't think this person is going to take a picture of a deceased dog just to blame another breed of dog. I absolutely believe this dog was attacked and killed by a pit bull, sadly it happens everyday. My condolences to these people who lost their beloved pet.