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Iowa: Six-month-old Labrador turned into Swiss cheese by Pit Bull; rescue group says they're "not to cast judgment on how or why this happened..."

IOWA -- It seems that our homeless animal friends in this area just can’t catch a break this year. Critter Crusaders received an urgent call early this afternoon about a puppy who was attacked by another dog in her foster home!

CC took her case – her injuries are life-threatening, and she is receiving emergency care at the East Iowa Veterinary Specialty Clinic.

Sweet little five-month-old Nix has had a rough start in life! She has battled a variety of parasites that she was plagued with when Cedar Valley Pit Bull Rescue took her in - she is now parasite-free had just started go gain weight when she was attacked by another dog in her foster home today!

The foster mom single-handedly got the fight stopped but not before little Nix suffered serious life-threatening injuries!

The "foster mom" didn't do much of a job saving this dog. She has so many holes she looks like Swiss cheese. 

On top of that, after letting her get mauled nearly to death by a Pit Bull, they dump her onto another rescue group to let them try to come up with the money to pay all the bills. Hmm.

She is at high risk for life-threatening sepsis with many wounds over her body which are tremendously deep and dirty, and they believe some of these puncture wounds may have gone into her abdominal cavity, so it is possible that she may have internal injuries and the skilled doctors at EIVSC are monitoring her closely for any such signs.  She has a partial pneumothorax (small collapse of a lung).  Nix is critical, and it is possible that she may need surgery if internal complications arise.

As you can see by her photo below, taken before her accident, this adorable girl loves to play in the snow and it is our goal to restore her health and give her life back to her! Nix’ medical bills will be extremely costly, and we need your help with our efforts to save this little girl! All donations will go directly to her medical expenses. Please consider donating for Nix’ medical expenses and you can also help by sharing this fundraiser with your friends on Facebook or by email.

There are more photos of Nix' injuries on Update #1. A warning that some might find them graphic and upsetting.

Nix and Critter Crusaders Thank You!

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Puppy Nix Update Monday March 5th, 2018 at 8:40pm

Nix has survived her first 24 hours after the PIT BULL dog attack that has left her fighting for life. Critter Crusaders took this medical case to save a life, not cast judgement on how or why this has happened.

"Not cast judgment on how or why this happened"... seriously? Please. Only a select few types of dogs can do this damage to another dog. And in this case, we all know that this dog was attacked by a Pit Bull. Them refusing to say the words "PIT BULL" speaks volumes. 

They're Apologists.

Our role is to work hard to save this 6 month old lab puppy, and with your help we will give her the best shot possible. The attack occurred yesterday. Nix was transferred emergently to Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center where the staff and doctors went to work on her quickly.

She has so many wounds, they stopped counting. It occurred outside so the bites were contaminated with mud. They immediately started assessing her with ultrasounds, xrays, lab work and of course fluids and pain control.

Nix has two deep punctures to her abdomen and the doctors were unsure if they entered the abdominal cavity. For that reason, they are spot checking her with the ultrasound, looking for fluid that could result from penetration. Her neck, legs, lateral rib wounds are extremely deep. She had subcutaneous emphysema, where air escapes into the tissues from injuries to the chest or neck. They believe that she might have a fracture to an elbow.

Last early evening her protein levels dropped dangerously low and Nix received a somewhat risky transfusion of albumin. Protein is important because it helps to hold the fluids (blood/plasma) in the vessels. When it drops, vessels leak their contents leading to increased inflammation and potential damage to other organs. So far, this baby’s lab work is fairly good. Her kidney values are holding and Dr. Roa added some lasix to help her produce more urine as he body is just leaking fluid from the inflammatory response to all of the wounds. Her liver values are elevated and that is no surprise due to the inflammation. Her red blood cell counts are decent and she has not required blood or plasma at this time. She has a partial pneumothorax (lung collapse). Since it is relatively small, the staff will continue to monitor her respiratory status and heart rate for changes that could require further intervention. Dr. Roa is a Critical Care Specialist who will continue to guide Nix’s treatment. He said tonight that the next 48-72 hours for this sweetie is extremely critical.

The massive inflammatory response and septic shock that her body is undergoing as a result of the magnitude of her injuries is her biggest risk of death at this point. Heart failure, kidney failure or liver failure. Her white cells and neutrophils (the warriors that fight infection and invasion of the body) are low from being constantly called up for duty. Multiple antibiotics have been started as sepsis is a given due to the contaminates. Dr. Roa debrided some of her wounds today but due to the contamination, they are not able to suture anything. This is a very big medical case and we so want little Nix to survive her injuries.

Please consider a donation to this Go Fund Me or through Pay Pal or our PO Box. CC has had a series of enormous medical cases and we sure need your help and prayers to save this very important life. We will keep everyone posted on this medical drama that will play out and we have every intention of returning this puppy to health and complete functionality. Please know that pain control is a major priority and EIVSC is making Nix comfortable. So important. Thank you all so very much. Team Nix is now in full swing ❤️

Update on Baby Nix Tues. March 6th, 2018 at 8:15pm
Please help Critter Crusaders share her story.

Let’s call today Good News Tuesday! Nix has made some improvements today according to Dr. Leo Roa at Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center. The massive swelling throughout her little body has peaked and is beginning to subside. You can still see in the attached photo how swollen her face is. The wounds are still leaking fluid but it is beginning to decrease. The staff changed her bandages today and the purulent smell is also improved. Nix is on multiple pain meds and has been tube fed. They will start to switch her medications gradually in the hopes that they can attempt to get her up and on her feet tomorrow, just briefly. This helps the body a great deal because recumbancy can promote tissue damage and pneumonia.

As uncomfortable as it will be, this baby girl will need to give it a go, with plenty of loving assistance from this amazing staff. The wounds should soon start to slough and many of them might need surgical intervention. The really big news is that all of the air trapped in her tissues from the massive puncture wounds ( called subcutaneous emphysema) has reabsorbed on it’s own. She is starting to have a slight reduction of the massive inflammation and the hope is her elevated heart rate will also come down to a more normal level.

These are all really good things and we are hopeful. Nix remains very critical however and given the vast extent of her injuries, anything can happen but at this point, I think it is safe to say we all will take the “baby steps” and be thrilled with it!

We want to thank you for your ongoing support and ask that you continue to share Nix’s story. This is a several month injury and the expense of returning a pup to complete health after such a large traumatic injury is a test of endurance, both physical, emotional and financial for Critter Crusaders. We ask and appreciate any help that you can give to Nix. Thank you all on behalf if this little girl. Someday soon, this will be a distant memory ❤️

Nix Update Wed. March 7th, 2018 at 6:30pm

Nix is making small improvements each day. This is a HUGE injury and it will take her many upcoming weeks to get through this and begin the healing process. Her lab work is good and there is an increase in her protein level which is great. Her wounds are starting to look a bit better and the surgeon, Dr. Aper is monitoring the wounds for future surgical intervention. Nix was up on her feet today with support and did eat a meal. This little girl looks and feels pretty rough but her spark is still there.

Critter Crusaders is in desperate need of funds to help us cover some of her bills. We are already over $5000 in her critical care charges and she will need much more time in the hospital. Once released, her medical care will be ongoing. Please help us share her story! We would so appreciate it! With so many huge cases in the last 14 weeks, it is an ongoing struggle to provide this level of critical care for these needy animals. Thank you so very much for your support on behalf of baby Nix and this organization❤️

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