Saturday, March 3, 2018

Oklahoma: While at the park, woman's German Shepherd attacked by loose Pit Bull

OKLAHOMA -- Sherri Duncan posted on Facebook March 2, 2018 · Oklahoma City, OK ·

My baby Sage, my son and I had a horrible experience at the local park this afternoon.

We were walking on the sidewalk, when I heard this loud bark, I turned around and this huge white pit bull was running full on towards us.

Before I could holler to my son ... run... the dog was on us and my baby trying to bite her around the neck.. she went into protection mode... and all I could think of is get to the water...

there is a pond in the park we were close to... dragging the dogs, as my son was fending off the pit, I managed to get my baby and I in the water cuz I knew that pit could not swim and fight at the same time...

my baby was trying to protect me not leaving me in the water and the pit had got out of the water not letting us out...

I'm trying to hold her, call the police , and the owner finally came up and argued saying her dog was playing, I'm crying scared, and she wouldn't get her dog..

we kept hollering for her to take her dog and she said... the police know us... our dogs are  out all the time!!! 

Turns out the police did not know her, animal control took the pit custody till out court hearing next Wednesday. I'm so glad we're all ok.. but such a frightening experience.

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