Saturday, April 7, 2018

Florida: Pit Bull ran up, grabbed woman's small dog and tried to break its neck by thrashing it around

FLORIDA -- My dog's name is Midnight, he is 2 years old and was on his leash outside when a pit bull ran up and attacked him and snapped his leash in two.

The pit bull has my dog in his mouth and shook my dog around rapidly like a rag doll.

I rushed my dog to the pet ER where they determined that he has a Pneumothorax which is air (that shouldn’t be there) around his heart and lungs. It’s the most air that the vet has ever seen on an X-ray of a dog!!!!! The amount of air is so significant that he’s in respiratory distress so he’s now on oxygen.

There are no visible puncture wounds so they are trying to determine the internal damage that’s causing the pneumothorax. They are aspirating the air and going to re X-ray him. If the air comes back and accumulates then I’d have to go to a specialist and have a chest tube out in while they do exploratory surgery. If the air does not come back he’ll remain with them overnight and remain on oxygen and pain meds.

As of now the bill is already $2,200!!! If he needs to see a specialist or needs the chest tube it will be more. This dog is our family’s baby we love him like a child. My kids are so emotionally attached to Midnight. ANY DONATIONS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED EVEN IF ITS ONLY A DOLLAR EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS !!! IF YOU CANT DONATE I UNDERSTAND BUT IF YOU COULD PRAY INSTEAD THAT WOULD BE A BLESSING

Update 1
Midnights doing better thank God!! They were able to aspirate most of the pneumothorax and he does not need a chest tube nor does he have to see a specialist. His bill though is still well over $2k and were still trying to help raise the funds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Created March 18, 2018
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  1. No mention of the pit bull owner and why they're not paying the vet bill...