Saturday, April 7, 2018

New Mexico: Sara Mauter, 31, named in investigation of dogs left to die horrible deaths inside hot vehicle

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Police say she left dogs for dead and trapped inside an SUV for hours Wednesday. Now, authorities have identified the woman caught on video walking away from that vehicle.

It started with a disturbing discovery near Rehm’s Nursery in northeast Albuquerque, when an employee and a customer noticed a black SUV had been parked near the shop all day.

Inside, were a handful of dead dogs.

The mysterious woman caught on camera leaving that vehicle behind has now been identified by Albuquerque Police Department officials as 31-year-old Sara Mauter, and a warrant has been issued for her arrest.

It was originally reported six dogs were found dead inside the SUV Mauter allegedly abandoned, but according to the warrant, there were five. It also shows Mauter faces five counts of extreme cruelty to animals.

It's not clear why she dumped the dogs or the SUV. The dogs' owner, Annette Rosenow, told KOB she hired Mauter – along with her husband, Shaun – to help transport about a dozen dogs to Texas.

Aside from the dogs left in the SUV, Rosenow says Shaun was driving a gray Dodge van with six other dogs inside.

KOB can confirm five of those dogs were turned over to an animal hospital in northwest Albuquerque, with one still unaccounted for.

Rosenow, a dog breeder, is facing 60 charges in regards to her dogs in Torrance County. KOB video says she was ordered by a judge not to leave the state. It appears what she was possibly doing was hiding her dogs from authorities and planning on claiming to them that she had sold them - when they were being transported to Texas.

For APD, the focus remains on finding Mauter. Police say she and her husband may still be in the area driving a 2018 gray Dodge van with the temporary tag 18T0914.

If you know where Mauter might be, you're asked to call Crimestoppers at (505)843-STOP.

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(KOB - April 6, 2018)


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