Sunday, February 12, 2017

China: Heavily armed SWAT officers are called to a hill after family spot a 'tiger' on the loose - only to discover the animal is a STUFFED TOY

CHINA -- Heavily armed SWAT officers were called to a park in China after a family reported seeing a tiger on the loose.

Police responded to the scene in Huzhou, China's Zhejiang province on February 9 only to find that the tiger was a stuffed animal, reports the People's Daily Online.

It's unclear where the toy animal had come from but police took it back with them to the station.

Ms Jiang was with her family hiking at 9am on Thursday when the saw an animal lying on the bench of a pavilion.

Its tummy was yellow and black and she says it looks like a sleeping tiger.

Terrified that it was a tiger, the family turned around and ran down the hill and called the police.


Changxing County Public Security Bureau attended the scene armed with shields, a steel fork and other protective equipment.

When they arrived, they saw the tiger figure some 100 feet away.

One officer told reporters: 'At that time I thought, this powerful animal can not disturb it or else it may hurt someone.'

They observed the 'animal' for 10 minutes and noticed that its eyes looked sluggish.

They threw some stones but the tiger remained motionless. It was then that they realized it was a toy.

New mascot for police

An officer told reporters: 'This toy is too realistic and three feet long.'

To prevent anyone from getting scared by the toy, he brought the 'animal' back to the police station.

Chinese police shouldn't feel too embarrassed. This happens more often than you think!

(Daily Mail - February 10th 2017)


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