Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Illinois: Mother says police refused to come after a pit bull attacked her son; now no one knows where it's at

ILLINOIS -- A mother in the western suburbs is angry over the lack of police response to a pit bull attack on her son.

Chris Kazmierczak is bandaged up today. His mother, Jeanne Cooney, says he will need to undergo rabies treatment if the animal isn't found.

Kazmierczak says he was viciously attacked by a white pit bull that seemed to come out of nowhere.

His bandages are covering up a gaping wound on his left arm. In all, he says he has about 30 bite marks.

Monday night, the 22 year old was walking to his car with a friend near Krempels Park in Bensenville.

"I started running a little bit because I was cold," says Kazmierczak.

He was almost at the car when he heard something running up behind him.

"...(I) turned around to see what it was and next thing I know the thing was on my arm," says Kazmierczak.

The white pit bull had a collar.

Chris says the attack lasted less than twenty terrifying seconds before his friend was finally able to kick and pull the dog off.

"If he wasn't there I don't think I would've been able to get him off. It kept coming back and biting and biting. I'm thankful he was there," he says.

Kazmierczak does construction for a living and he won't be able to work with his hands for at least two months.

"I called when this happened that night and the sergeant decided not to come," says Cooney.

Cooney says Bensenville Police have been slow to investigate the incident. She took him to file the police report yesterday. She says they need to find the dog so this doesn't happen again.

"That dog could certainly kill a child. Could have killed Chris if his friend wasn't here."

Bensenville's police chief says they do take this seriously and they have patrols on the lookout for the dog.

The family also plans on going door to door in this area to get the word out and see if they can help track down the owner.

(WGN - March 16, 2017)

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