Sunday, March 26, 2017

New York: Jesse Young sentenced to a year in the county jail after pleading guilty to torturing two cats to death

NEW YORK -- In Jefferson County Court on Wednesday, Jesse Alexander Young, 33, was sentenced to one year in jail and banned from owning pets (for this one-year) after pleading guilty to animal cruelty counts.

On Jan. 31, Jesse Young pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated animal cruelty for killing two cats belonging to his girlfriend, Kylie Rivers.

Reports say he had twisted the neck of one and drowned another in the summer of 2016 before putting their remains in their freezer.
"After drowning the first cat, 33-year-old Jesse Young allegedly killed a second one less than two months later. Young is accused of striking the second cat so hard that the poor animal went into convulsions. He then grabbed the cat by the neck and twisted until it the cat’s neck snapped." - petition
Mr. Young was also ordered to pay $618 in restitution for the necropsy of the cats.

(Watertown Daily Times - March 26, 2017)