Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tennessee: Jamie Bosch pleads not guilty to charges after her Pit Bull Rottweilers mauled 11-year-old boy

TENNESSEE -- The woman whose dogs allegedly attacked a Wilson County child was in court on Friday.

Jamie Bosch is accused of allowing her dogs to roam free and seriously injure a child.

Jamie Christine Bosch, 41, was charged with allowing dogs to roam at large after two dogs viciously attacked Isaac Bellfield on April 3 as he was walking from the school bus home.

“There was blood and mud puddles and five, six different spots where you could see blood where the dog was getting him and getting him and getting him... He was shredded head to toe. He had two shirts. They were tore off. His shirt was shredded like some razor blades hit it."

"He went 25 foot off the road, to the edge of my field. Those dogs… two big ole puddles where those dogs tore ground up and blood and everything else up there,” said neighbor Keith Fugate.

His recovery has included four skin grafts and hundreds of stitches and staples, his mother, Auguste Denton, said just after the school year.

Neighbors told News Channel5 the dogs in the attack have a history of violence, attacking and even killing another dog.

The two dogs, described as Pit Bull / Rottweiler mixes, were euthanized.

On Friday, Bosch pleaded not guilty. She is scheduled to return to court in September and is currently out on $2,500 bond.

(WSMV - August 4, 2017)


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