Friday, February 9, 2018

Kentucky: Elderly woman demands officials do something - "I have lived here 70 years. I won't let my little dog get hurt again! I will kill that Pit Bull, even if I have to go to jail!"

KENTUCKY -- A Covington woman pleaded for help from Kenton County, arguing that she feels trapped in her home on Cherry Street after her dog was attacked by another dog that she characterized as a pit bull.

"I am trapped in my house," Maryann Bullock said. "My little dog was mauled by this pit bull! As soon as this dog gets out it runs straight to my yard."  

She described how her 10-pound Shih Tzu rescue dog survived the attack, but just barely, and after suffering 18 strokes herself, she has to have help to get the medicine into her dog's mouth. 

"My dog is all I've got left. I have a right to live here, my dad built this house in 1938 and I have lived here 70 years. I won't let my little dog get hurt again! I will kill that pit bull, even if I have to go to jail! I don't feel protected any more!"

Kenton County handles animal control issues in Covington and throughout the county.

County attorney Stacy Tapke said Bullock's case was headed to court, and she invited Bullock to come to her office, or call her and she will find out if there are any more details she wanted to put into the case. 

Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann said that once the new animal shelter director is in place the county will be better able to keep up with cases like this.

Commissioner Jon Draud was especially sympathetic to Bullock's situation, calling it "pretty damn bad" and "disgraceful" that she is trapped in her house and can't use her yard.

He asked if someone could talk to the dog warden and find out what they were doing about this dog that was apparently allowed to run free and menace people and their pets.

County Administrator Joe Shriver said he would talk to the people at Animal Control.

(The River City News - February 5, 2018)

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