Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pennsylvania: Dachshund named Riley attacked by two Pit Bulls at dog park

PENNSYLVANIA -- Nicky Blair posted on Facebook group page McClelland Dog Park on February 19, 2018 · Harborcreek, PA

Yesterday on Sunday the 18th around 3, my poor 8 year old Dachshund, Riley, was attacked by 2 Pit Bulls at the McClelland Dog park!

I immediately took him to the Emergency Vet, where they treated his wounds. He was VERY lucky. But he has a long way to recovery to go.

I thank those who helped pry these dogs off mine. No words can express how thankful I am that you helped my baby.

One pit bull was a medium size, mainly white with a green collar, which broke. I think he was a male. The other was a little smaller, dark gray with a little white on her chest and a purple collar.


The owners were a black man and a white lady both in there late 40s possibly to mid 50s. He had a baby blue hoodie and a black baseball cap.

I’m not trying start anything but I can’t in good conscience let this go without warning others! My dog got lucky, but barely! I don’t want this to happen to any other dog or god forbid a person!!

Because when your dog his looking at you crying as these pit bulls are attacking him and you’re trying to save him, it breaks your heart!!!! Don’t let this be your dog!

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