Friday, April 6, 2018

New Mexico: Five dogs connected to group of dead canines safe and in custody

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Six dead dogs were discovered inside an abandoned SUV Thursday, and now five other dogs connected to them are in the care of Albuquerque Animal Services.

Those five dogs – who reported missing Thursday afternoon – were dropped off alive at an animal hospital in northwest Albuquerque. Animal services say they are being placed in protective custody while they investigate.

The developments come after a breeder Annette Rosenow hired two people to transport 12 dogs to Texas while she faces more than 60 animal violations in Torrance County. 

Police on Friday identified and issued a warrant for the woman (Sara Mauter) who they say left six dogs to die in this black SUV parked near a nursery in northeast Albuquerque.


Those six dogs were part of a larger group. Annette Rosenow, a breeder, said she hired two people on Craigslist to help move 12 dogs from estancia to Texas. On Friday Rosenow said one dog is still missing from that group.

“This is a tragedy; these dogs were not even two years old I had them since puppies,” Rosenow said. “I raised them. They were my babies. This is too much."

Rosenow said she kept more than 30 dogs at a home in Torrance County. KOB has reported that during that time she was slapped with more than 60 animal welfare violations. Those charges stem from failing to license her animals and obtain rabies vaccinations.

“They told me that they we're going to drop the charges,” Rosenow said.

According to documents, Rosenow said she was not allowed to leave the state without court permission. She claims she was granted permission, though KOB couldn't find any evidence of that.

She says her priority now is to get those five dogs back.

"I’m a good dog owner,” she said. “I just made the wrong judgement about these people."

Torrance County Animal Services said those charges against Rosenow have not been dismissed. She is scheduled to be in court April 18

(KOB - April 6, 2018)