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Wisconsin: If you live in Wisconsin, you need to contact the Manitowoc City Attorney's Office and tell them to apply state law and euthanize this pit bull. Otherwise, they're looking to dump it into another city so it can continue attacking and mauling pets. Maybe a child next time?

WISCONSIN -- The Manitowoc City Attorney's Office is working with the owner of a pit bull that attacked a lab on whether or not the animal should be put to sleep. Police say it wasn't the first time this dog attacked another dog.

The police department held a news conference on the attack Tuesday afternoon.

"Right now the city attorney is working with the owner of the pit bull," said Detective Andrew Tilling. "And there's some decisions made together. Ultimately, they'll have to decide how healthy the dog is, the pit bull, and if it needs to be put down."

Monday afternoon, police were called to the 1600-block of Thomas Court, where the pit bull was attacking a Labrador Retriever.

A neighbor told police the pit bull was running loose again, and this time headed for another neighbor's yard, then he heard the neighbor's Labrador whining and realized it was pinned down by the pit bull.

The Labrador's owner and a neighbor tried to break them up by punching the pit bull repeatedly. It had no effect. Police say they then beat the pit bull with a small, wooden bat but the pit bull kept up the attack while the Labrador screamed and cried and struggled to get free of the pit bull.

A neighbor with a concealed carry permit shot the dog once with a .22 caliber gun. The injured pit bull ran off, but circled around and RETURNED AND ATTACKED THE CRYING LABRADOR A SECOND TIME!

The heroic neighbor shot it a second time - but it's like the monster movie "The Thing That Wouldn't Die!"... it still didn't lay down and die. Instead, 2 bullets finally took the fight out of it and it ran off and didn't return.

Friends of the pit bull's owner drove around and caught the vicious dog.

The pit bull suffered a gunshot wound to the head and the abdomen. The Labrador Retriever sustained wounds from the pit bull attack, but is expected to survive

"Both dogs are still alive. The Lab is, from what I was told, is at the owner's house and the pit bull is now at the Lakeshore Animal Shelter," Detective Tilling said.

The owner of the pit bull was cited for having a large dog running loose. Police have recommended that it be removed from the city.

This is what's called NIMBY and it's short for "Not in my backyard". It's the irresponsible actions by jurisdictions to banish aggressive, viciouus dogs from their community by dumping them onto another unsuspecting community. When they allow the owner to send the dog off to live in another city, county or state, the owner is under NO obligation to inform anyone of what the dog did to end up there. 

Neighbors living next door to this vicious dog have no clue that the dog did something very heinous and that's why it's now living next to them. It's passing the buck, really, and completely irresponsible. 

These jurisdictions need to do what they can to prevent the owner from getting the dog back and euthanizing it. Why send it off so someone else can be attacked, someone else's beloved pet can be mauled to death??

This is an example of NIMBY:

Wisconsin: Pit bull taken out of state after mauling and killing puppy

RIP little Milo, killed by a pit bull

Manitowoc Police say records indicate the dog aggressively attacked a dog in Two Rivers and previously ran loose in Manitowoc.

This is absolutely unacceptable. What does it take for authorities to do their job and protect people? It mauled a dog already, the owner was allowed to keep it. Now it gets loose again and mauls another dog. Why not charge the owner for reckless endangerment? He knew, after the first attack, his dog was vicious and he chose to keep it. Why won't police take these cases seriously? Today a dog is mauled, tomorrow a child is mauled to death. Maybe then they'll do their jobs.

Police are not seeking any charges against the neighbor who shot the pit bull.

Two Rivers, where the first attack occurred, has vicious dog ordinances:

Did Two Rivers deem the dog vicious? They could have, according to their ordinances: 

Sec. 6-5-14
Harboring Vicious Animals
It shall be unlawful for any person to harbor or keep a vicious animal within the City of Two Rivers. An animal is deemed to be vicious if it has attacked or bitten any person or domestic animal as defined in Wis. Stats. Sec. 174.001(2g) and any successor thereto, or when a propensity to attack or bite persons or domestic animals exists and is known or should reasonably be known to the person harboring such animal.

Any such animal which is found off the premises of its owner may, under the circumstances allowed by state statute, be seized by any police officer or humane officer and may be impounded or killed upon application to a court of competent jurisdiction, or otherwise to the extent allowed by state statute. This Section shall not be construed to limit the right of police officers to kill an animal without court permission when such action is allowed by statute.


The owner of a dog shall forfeit not less than $200 nor more than $5,000 if the dog injures or causes injury to a person, domestic animal, property, deer, game birds or the nests or eggs of game birds, and if the owner was notified or knew that the dog previously injured or caused injury to a person, domestic animal, property, deer, game birds or the nests or eggs of game birds.

(a) The state, any municipality, or a person who is injured by the dog, whose minor child was injured by the dog, or whose domestic animal is injured by the dog may commence a civil action to obtain a judgment from a court ordering an officer to kill a dog. The court may grant the judgment if the court finds both of the following:

  1. On 2 separate occasions off the owner’s property, without reasonable cause. 
  2. The owner of the dog was notified or knew prior to the 2nd injury, that the dog caused the first injury.

(b) Any officer enforcing a judgment under this subsection shall kill a dog in a proper and humane manner


When the owner of a vicious dog refuses to put the dog down, most jurisdictions don't want to bother with a possibly long, drawn-out court battle so they'll take the easy way out and simply tell the owner to get the vicious dog out of their jurisdiction.

As I stated earlier, this is NOT a solution! This simply transfers the vicious pit bull to some other town. This pit bull will have NO restrictions and they are under NO obligation to tell anyone in this new town what the pit bull had done to be banned from Manitowoc.

You might have this pit bull living next door to you and your family and have no idea. They can hand the dog over to a 'no kill' rescue which refuses to put any dog down for any reason and insists that it's a sweet pibble that had to have been abused for it to act this way. They'll talk some sympathizer into taking it home and the next thing you know, it's in your neighborhood - or next door to you.

Call, fax, write, or email Manitowoc City Attorney's Office and tell them to apply the state law to get a court order to euthanize this vicious dog.

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