Saturday, November 21, 2015

OHIO'S PIT BULL PROBLEM: Youngstown City Council revokes pit bull ordinance

OHIO -- On Wednesday night, an eight-year-old ordinance was rescinded in the City of Youngstown.
City Council unanimously decided to revoke an ordinance that identifies American Pit Bull Terriers as “vicious” dogs.

The rule required owners to keep them confined and buy extra liability insurance.

Pit Bull Kills Youngstown Woman's Dog

The city law department encouraged council to repeal the rule.

“I would never want to be told that I could not own my dogs because of the behavior of someone else’s dogs. These animals need to be judged on their own individual behavior, and the owners need to be held accountable,” said Jason Cooke of Ohioans Against Breed Discrimination.

Youngstown woman recovering from pit bull attack at park

Cooke hopes that Youngstown’s actions will encourage other communities to do the same thing.

( - Nov 18, 2015)

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