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Ohio: Erika Roitblat is against BSL, insists that pit bulls were "nanny dogs" and that anyone who disagrees with her is "uninformed"

OHIO -- Erika Roitblat, who volunteers for a pit bull rescue group which opposes BSL, somehow managed to get an editorial piece published in the Cleveland newspaper. She trots out the same old LIES -- that pit bulls were nanny dogs (they weren't) and that BSL doesn't work (it does). She believes that anyone who disagrees with her is "uninformed" and that all the pit bull attacks is just "propaganda". Um, yeah...

My article about BSL laws (pit bull bans) was posted today in!!
But don't read the comments!! People are very uninformed on there!

Update: and the comments just keep getting worse. People are so scared of pit bulls and they don't realize it's all propaganda. I've been called ignorant, naive, a silly college kid, and many other names so far!

Roitblat insists that pibbles are no different than any other dog, that they're just lovable wigglebutts and that that ANYTHING otherwise is just "propaganda". 

information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

After reading her editorial, I'd call it propaganda, as it is completely biased and of a misleading nature.

"Pit bull bans like Lakewood's are wrong. These dogs are no more dangerous than other types": Erika Roitblat (Opinion)

Hundreds of thousands of dogs are euthanized in kennels across the country each year. Many that face this fate will be pit bulls because of their unfair vilification and breed-specific legislation that bans them from cities across the country.

There is a myth that pit bulls are more dangerous than other breeds, but owners can attest the biggest threat a pit bull poses is a bombardment of kisses and a severe lack of personal space as these large dogs try to get as close as possible for a cuddle.

We need to end the myth that pit bulls are inherently dangerous and repeal laws that unfairly ban them from our cities.

Pit bulls' unfair reputation is not only uninformed, it's also dangerous.

This fall, Montreal passed a breed-specific law on pit bulls that enraged the social media universe.

Activists started evacuating pit bulls from shelters in the city, dismayed dog lovers took to Facebook to voice their outrage, and others signed petitions to overturn the ban. (In early October, a Quebec judge temporarily suspended key aspects of the law pending adjudication of a legal challenge to its provisions.)

Pennsylvania: TayLynn DeVaughn, 2,
killed by family's pit bull mix
South Africa: Sebastian Strecker, 14 months, has face
ripped open by his family's pit bull
Woman lost eye, ear and both arms after pit bull attack
Toddler left with 240 stitches after terrifying
Staffordshire pit bull terrier attacked
Couple's life forever altered after two pit bulls kill toddler
Faith Hendricks, 1, killed by Bruno, the pit bull
the family had had since it was a puppy

Tanner Smith, 5, mauled to death by 2 pit bulls in Texas
Jacklin is 5, she was mauled/bit in the face by
 a family-friendly pit bull, whom we loved
Vicious pack of pit bulls maul two female cousins out
for a run, ripping woman's scalp off in horrific
30-minute 'feeding frenzy'
North Carolina: Alemeaner Dial, 83, mauled to
death by her granddaughter's four pit bulls
Georgia: Woman's little dog nearly killed by a pit bull. Owner
says she knew her pit bull "doesn't get along with other dogs"
Maine: Woman's little dog attacked by a loose pit bull at dog park
Florida: Beloved Dachshund named Micky attacked by neighbor's
pit bull, leaving her with four broken legs, broken ribs,
broken pelvis and hole in her lung
Maryland: Eugene "Smittie" Smith told co-workers at
Clouse trucking that he often slept with the 84-lb neutered
male pit bull that ended up mauling him to death
Missouri: Deriah Solem, 22 months
old, killed by family pit bull mix
Georgia: Adorable little dog named Coco doesn't
survive after being attacked by a pit bull
Arkansas: "I lost my best friend today. He was killed by 2 pit bulls"
New Mexico: Pit bull attacks three small dogs, killing one.
Owner searching for one which ran off and hasn't been found.
Tennessee: Recent dog attacks spur proposed changes
to Blount County's animal control ordinance
California: Little dog named Snow dies after pit bull attack

While animal lovers across Canada and the United States seemed to unite in anger against Montreal's unfair treatment of pit bulls, many seemed unaware that cities in our own backyards have had breed-specific dog bans in place for years!

Breed-specific dog bans, like the one in Lakewood, are passed to "protect" citizens from unwarranted dog attacks. Breed-specific bans make some people feel safer, but organizations as varied as the American Bar Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, and Humane Society of the United States have all concluded that there is no evidence that breed-specific legislation actually makes anyone safer.


Although some jurisdictions do have an outright ban on a particular type of dog living in their community, for many places BSL is simply about putting restrictions on dogs. Muzzled in public, mandatory spaying and neutering, not allowed to be chained/tethered, etc.

Now I know that PETA has, over the years, done some outrageous, ridiculous things that have ruined their name and is used to describe an over-the-top, crazed activist - they have redeemed themselves (somewhat) in my mind because they support BSL. Whereas the ASPCA and the HSUS (and Animal Planet) are falling over themselves trying to push pit bulls on society, PETA says this:
Some people who call themselves pit bull advocates cry, “Discrimination!” at the mere mention of breed-specific legislation.
PETA supports a ban on breeding pit bulls and pit bull mixes as well as strict regulations on their care, including a ban on chaining them.
Laws like this aren’t breed-specific “discrimination”—they’re breed-specific protection. They prevent pit bulls from being born only to be exploited, abandoned, and abused.
If you love pit bulls, help them. Work for spay/neuter requirements and anti-chaining laws. Urge people who keep their dogs chained to let them live indoors as members of the family. And always report abuse and neglect. Pit bulls need all the friends they can get.


Taking a look at bite statistics from jurisdictions which enacted bans, After Aurora, Colorado adopted its pit bull ban ordinance in 2005, attacks by pit bulls decreased 73% (as of March 2014).

After Pawtucket, Rhode Island adopted their pit bull ban in 2004, the city released 13-years of bite data showing that in the 4-years leading up to the ban, there were 52 pit bull attacks on people. In the 10-years after the ban, there were only 13 (as of September 2013).

In Toronto, after a decade long pit bull ban, pit bull attacks dropped from 168 to 13 annually. -- Do breed-specific laws work?

The American Canine Foundation sued the city of Aurora when they enacted BSL. The judge's decision affirming Aurora's right and responsibility to the health, safety and welfare of its citizens can be read here:


I find that ample evidence exists to establish a rational relationship between the City's ordinance regulating the possession of pit bulls and other restricted breeds and the City's undisputed legitimate interest in protecting the health and safety of the City's residents. Specifically, evidence was presented to support Aurora's findings that pit bulls, as well as other restricted breeds, tend to be stronger than other dog breeds, that they often give no warning signals before attacking and are less willing than other dogs to retreat from an attack and that attacks from such breeds result in multiple bites and attacks of greater severity than other dogs

But let's get back to Roitblat's assertions...

In fact, studies have shown that people are less safe once a breed-specific dog ban is enacted because they are living under a false sense of security. Breed-specific bans distract from responsible dog ownership, which is what really matters when preventing bad dog behavior.

See Pawtucket, Aurora and Toronto stats above...

With breed-specific dog bans in place, enforcement often overlooks near-bites, dogs off-leash, and dogs who aren't properly socialized or trained becoming overly aggressive.

To make their residents safer from aggressive dogs, cities should be revisiting and enhancing their vicious and dangerous dog laws. The punitive measures for irresponsible dog ownership should be enhanced and, most importantly, enforced. Cities need to focus their attention on correcting bad owner behavior by forcing owners with frequent or severe violations of dog laws to go through a training course, pay fines, or even lose their dogs.

Any dog can be a threat if not properly trained. By placing all our fears on pit bulls, we leave ourselves open to the true threat: Owners who do not practice responsible dog ownership.

It is hard for activists to break the myth that pit bulls are dangerous because it has been in our public consciousness for so long now that we accept this narrative as fact.

Relatives' pit bulls fatally maul Riverview boy, 4
Maryland: Woman who "loved that dog
unconditionally" killed by her pit bull
Boy, 10, faces years of facial reconstructive surgery after
he is viciously mauled by two pit bulls while riding on a
scooter he got for Christmas
Illinois: "His intestines were coming out of his body and I
was trying to put them back in". Oliver killed by pit bull
Florida: Little dog dies after being attacked by
pit bull, which crushed his backbone
California: THE SAME DAY this pit bull was adopted it
attacks and kills a 6-pound Maltese named Teddy
RIP Teddy. Killed by the pit bull, above
"It grabbed her lower half and was pulling down on the dog
or just actually his weight pulling down as he grabbed
Charlotte. It was pulling me down as well, and then the
other pit bull jumped on me."
Iowa: Two pit bulls which had already been declared vicious in 2014,
get loose again, run across street, attack maul, kill little Chihuahua
California: Man devastated when his little dog mauled to death
by two pit bulls. Owner ran off with dogs after the attack
Michigan: Poodle attacked, disemboweled and killed
by two pit bulls that have killed before
"It does not matter how tame and sweet a pit bull is, they're
dangerous" says woman whose beloved Rat Terrier named Texas
Daniel Heidelberg was killed by one
Alabama: Dachshund named Jake died after pit bull crushed
his ribs and punctured his lungs in attack

United Kingdom: David Mckenzie, 51, pleads
guilty to being out of control of a vicious pit
bull, which attacked and killed this puppy
Arkansas: Little dog dies from spinal cord
damage after being attacked by pit bull


"Yet up until the 1960s, pit bulls were called 'nanny dogs' because of their gentle disposition and knack for protecting babies", claims Roitblat.

No, no, no. This myth was started by Pit Bull apologists and has been repeated ad nauseum making many people think it's true.

To know the truth, just look at antique Victorian paintings. Most of the dogs you'll see are St. Bernards, Collies - lots of Collies and this is waaay before the age of 'Lassie', and a few smaller dogs like Jack Russells. NO PIT BULLS.

Here are 25 paintings featuring the real nanny dogs:

St. Bernards and Collies, the real "nanny dogs"

Read More: "The Nanny Dog Myth Revealed"

Now Roitlat claims:

"In fact, recent tests by The American Temperament Test Society show that American pit bull terriers are far more tolerant than many dog breeds out there."

Again she is WRONG. The ATTS is flawed and was created for police and military dogs -- not personal pets. Therefore, a dog that passes the test is not passing a "he's a wigglebutt" test. It's passing a test that makes it more suitable for police, military, guard work.

Read: "Read More: The truth about the ATTS (American Temperament Test Society) - The ATTS test was initially intended to test working dogs for jobs such as police work. The test favors bold dogs, dogs that need to face danger head on without hesitation and fear. Courage was desired and rewarded, timidity was not. The ATTS favors dogs like pit bulls over dogs like collies. It is important to note, the test does not evaluate dogs for "pet" suitability."

Roitblat wants you to believe pit bulls aren't prone to aggression and that when they are aggressive, it's ONLY because they were "trained that way". 

Roitblat continues:

As inner cities became more dangerous places to live, many people decided to train these muscular dogs to protect their houses, not because they were more prone to aggression, but because they looked intimidating!

Owners avoided neutering males to make them more territorial (a trait not unique to pit bulls) and trained them to be aggressive. From that point on, the myth that pit bulls are inherently dangerous has seeped into the depths of our collective consciousness.

Not only do breed-specific dog bans not keep citizens safer, but they also create another obstacle for dogs to get adopted, effectively damning loving animals to a life of concrete and cages.

Again, she is WRONG. She claims that the only vicious Pit Bulls are ones that are "trained to be mean" or "abused to be mean". There are many, many instances of Pit Bulls attacking their owners and the mom and dad claim the dog was brought up with the children, other pets including cats... that the dog had never shown an aggressive bone in its body UNTIL THE DAY IT TRIED TO KILL ONE OF THEM. 

Click on the "surprised owner" tab for this blog and you'll find lots of victims who swore they were duped into thinking it was "all how they're raised" - and they or their child was attacked by their beloved dog.

And BSL has shown to make it safer for citizens in jurisdictions where it is enacted. Why shouldn't a community be able to put whatever restrictions they want? You have to pay more for insurance to own an Escalade than a Kia. Why shouldn't you have more restrictions because you insist on owning a type of dog known for mauling, maiming and killing more people, pets and livestock THAN ANY OTHER TYPE OF DOG?

Texas: Teen attacked by family's 8-MONTH-OLD pit bull
Michigan: Her 'cheeks are missing:' Pit bull
mauls young girl in foster home, lawsuit says

Virginia: Fairfax County Animal Shelter continue to adopt
vicious dogs. Now, a Pit bull repeatedly returned to shelter
for aggression attacks and kills Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Pennsylvania: Woman's beloved dog mauled to death
by pit bull. How many bodies have to continue to pile up?!
Dog attack survivor, 50, who lost his arm, leg and EAR after
he was viciously mauled by a dozen pit bulls reveals he
 is haunted by nightmares
Toddler's ear ripped off in Jurupa Valley dog attack
North Carolina woman fatally mauled when
she goes to feed boyfriend's 2 pit bulls
Onslow Co. boy out of hospital following pit bull attack
Cochrane boy, 7, ‘doing good’ after pit bull attack
Owners of pit bull that viciously mauled boy
refuse to give it up because they feel 'bullied'
North Carolina: Cathy Wheatcraft had just gotten her
mail and was walking back to her house when her
neighbor's pit bull attacked and then killed her
California: Emilio Rios Carranza Sr., 65, killed by pit bull/boxer mixes
Delaware: Dachshund being walked on leash is
 mauled to death by two loose pit bulls
Maine: Owner of pit bulls she knew were aggressive, broke
through TWO fences to attack and kill Boston Terrier puppy
Texas: Yorkie was killed by killed by pit bull; devasted owner
says dog walker then tried to flee with the 3 pit bulls
Michigan: Xavier Strickland, 4, mauled
to death by pit bulls
Michigan: Grandmother, 71, is mauled and killed by a pit
bull inside her home as neighbors hear her scream for help
Arizona: Kayden Begay, visiting his grandparents,
is mauled to death by their neighbor's 12 pit bulls
Colorado: Woman killed by son’s pit bulls
South Africa: Two pit bulls attacked and killed
Marchen Hoffman, 6, who tried to run
Kansas: Piper Dunbar, 2, attacked and killed by two
pit bulls that belonged to a family friend
United Kingdom: Four-month-old Archie Joe Darby killed and
Daniel-Jay Darby, 2, seriously injured by aunt's pit bull
United Kingdom: Stephen Hodgson, 45, attacked and
killed by his pit bull mix named Buster
Little girl, 8, loses an arm after being attacked by two pit bulls
Child Recovers After Damaging Pit Bull Attack in Isanti County
OHIO -- Dog recovering after pit bull attack
VIRGINIA: "RIP to my son's dog Justice! Killed
by a pit bull today. Damn I miss this dog."
Florida: Pit bull, which has already mauled and killed
a cat and a dog in the past, attacks woman and her
Dachshund, tries to bite Animal Control officer as well
United Kingdom: "He didn't stand a chance", says mom after
beloved dog ripped from daughter's arms and ripped apart by pit bull

United Kingdom: Owner flees after his three pit bulls
attack and kill little dog named Alfie
Ohio: Unlicensed pit bulls attacked and killed elderly
woman's Sheltie named Princess, authorities say
Virginia: Pit bull breaks through a solid fence to attack
little dog, nearly killing him

Texas: Chihuahua named Chica-Chica doesn't survive after
being attacked by two pit bulls, which broke her spine in half


Good work is being done by dog advocacy groups like All Breeds Lakewood, fighting for fairer dog laws. All Breeds Lakewood is working hard to dispel the myths around pit bulls in order to overturn Lakewood's breed-specific dog ban, enhance Lakewood's dog laws, and promote responsible ownership to make the city safer for people and pets.

But Lakewood is not alone in its breed-specific ban. Everyone should find out if breed-specific dog bans exist in their cities, and lobby their city councils to end them. Let's bring America's "nanny dogs" home.


'I thought I was going to die'
Woman, 67, suffers serious dog bite trying to save puppy from pit bull attack

Pit bull terriers kill Chihuahua, injure woman
Little dog dies 4 days after pit bull mauling
Florida: Logan, 4, killed by his uncle's pit bulls
South Africa: Sweet looking dog mauled
 by two loose pit bulls on its own property

Canada: After Kevin Newman's Pit Bull crushed a little Sheltie 
mix to death, he ran off with his dog - and is now blaming the 
Sheltie's owners for his death

Illinois: "She was bitten 8 times [by the pit bull]
which caused 10 bite wounds, one of which opened up her
stomach, that caused her intestines to come out."
Ohio: Cindy Whisman, 59, died after being attacked
by her daughter’s pit bull in the backyard of her home
Woman loses part of leg after pit bulls 'raised in a loving home' attack
North Carolina: While spending the weekend with her
dad and grandma, little girl attacked by their neighbor's pit bull
Pennsylvania: Little girl attacked in the face by her grandfather's pit bull
Washington: Young woman protects baby from
pit bull attack; is viciously mauled
"It depends on how they're raised... I think I raised them
properly" says owner of pit bulls which mauled his grandmother
3-Year-Old Braelynn Rayne Coulter Killed By Pit Bull

OHIO - Girl attacked by dogs continues long recovery
Texas: Norberto Legardo, 83, Killed in Pit Bull Attack

Tennessee: Family wonders why their beloved
pit bull, raised from a puppy, tried to kill its owners
Alabama: Mother stabs her pit bull to death
to stop attack on her four-year-old son
Mississippi: Biloxi teen who saved his baby brother after they were
both attacked by neighbor's pit bull MUST HAVE LEG AMPUTATED
Oklahoma: Carolyn Sue Lamp, 68, attacked and
killed by three pit bulls and a Rottweiler
Boyfriend of woman killed by her own pit bull:
 'I've never seen a dog more aggressive'
Massachusetts: Little Chihuahua named Foxy is
attacked and mauled to death by pit bull
New Zealand: Cat attacked by two pit bulls; injuries
are too great for his little body and he dies at the vet
Texas: Lucy, mauled and killed by pit bulls
New York: Marley attacked & killed by a pit bull
South Carolina: Little dog named Termite
horribly mauled by loose pit bull

California: Two pit bulls mauled a horse in an attack so
vicious the animal had to be put down
Alabama: Little Chihuahua has giant holes
ripped into his back from pit bull attack
Connecticut: Hero UPS driver beats pit bull in the head
with a shovel to save Collie being attacked

California: Man's little Chihuahua lucky to be alive after
being attacked by a pit bull; left with Frankenstein-looking
stitches on her back
California: Emako Mendoza killed in
her own yard by neighbor's pit bulls
Iowa: Jordyn Arndt, 4, killed by pit bull
United Kingdom: Cat dies after getting 'ripped apart' by pit bull
Pennsylvania: Miniature Pinscher attacked
and killed by neighbor's pit bull

Two-Month-Old Boy Dead in Pit Bull Attack
10-year-old mauled by family Pit Bull. "I cried,"
 Jeremy said. "He was my best friend."
Boynton Beach toddler recovering after pit bull bite to face
Police: Family lied about daughter's
dog attack to protect family pit bull
New York: Family remembers 9-year-old Long Island
girl mauled to death by pit bull as horse-drawn
carriage carries her casket
Upstate New York baby mauled to death by family’s pit bull
OHIO -- Seven year old boy attacked by uncle's pit bull mix

New York: Pregnant woman is attacked and two of her dogs
killed by the same pit bulls which attacked this
Boxer (below) the previous week
Illinois: Miniature poodle attacked and killed by loose pit bull

South Dakota: Woman attacked and her Dachshund
named Gunner viciously mauled to death by neighbor's pit bulls
Ohio: Girl attacked by family pit bull named Bear


Would you like to see more? Because there are THOUSANDS more that can be added.

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